App Data Room Sales Enablement App yorumlar

Best sales app

The App Data Room app is the best sales and marketing app on the market. Easy to use with an intuitive content manager. You are missing out if you aren't engaging with this.

Make sure you know where you manage the content

You need to manage your content from a web portal, then that content is pushed to your apps. Once I figured that out I was off and running. Great app. Does what is says it will do.


Super easy to use

Stunningly simple, stunningly powerful

I cannot complement this enough.This is one of the finest business apps and services I have come across in a long time. The ability to collect sales materials – videos, documents, specs etc – and have them available on an iPad for viewing and discussing with customers is proving a huge hit. And with very little effort and technical skills needed. AppDataRoom allows you to upload to a web based server using an elegantly simple interface and produce a truly professional looking app. I have two different branded sales forces selling different products into different markets. The first team has this now and I will be building it for the next sales team very soon. Looking also to roll this for our Resellers sometime this year

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